About Me

I'm a fourth year undergradute student studying computer science and statistics at University of California, Berkeley. I work with Professor Pieter Abbeel, Professor Sergey Levine and Professor Alexei Efros as an undergraduate research assistant in the Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research (BAIR) Lab.


Deep Reinforcement Learning for Tensegrity Robot Locomotion

Xinyang Geng*, Marvin Zhang*, Jonathan Bruce*, Ken Caluwaerts, Massimo Vespignani, Vytas SunSpiral, Pieter Abbeel, Sergey Levine

In ICRA, 2017.

Also, in NIPS Deep Reinforcement Learning Workshop, 2016.

We collaborated with NASA Ames to explore the challenges associated with learning locomotion strategies for tensegrity robots, a class of compliant robots that hold promise for future planetary exploration missions. We devised a novel extension of mirror descent guided policy search to learn locomotion gaits for the SUPERball tensegrity robot, both in simulationand on the physical robot.